Never trust the Security Guard! A Max and Keef adventure.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, Ragtag Daily Prompt and August writing prompts. 15/8/19.

“Hey Max… Do you remember that one time we were casing that theatre?” whispered Keef as he crouched behind a wheelie bin, trying to stay out of sight.
“Yeah why?” whispered Max in return, hiding on the opposite side of the ally behind an equally smelly bin. “If I remember rightly you left me hiding round the back for an hour whilst you slipped one to the nice lady security guard!” hissed Max in disgust.
“Got us in though didn’t it?” sniggered Keef.
“Just for once Keef, I wish I were the one who got the girl.” Sighed Max.
“Sorry Max, they just don’t seem that keen on you! Must be the height.” Keef tried his hardest not to mock his oldest friend but this one thing was so easy to rile him with and Keef felt justified in his having a small dig back at his pal.
“Shut up Keef! What I lack in height I make up for in many other ways.” Whispered Max in retort.
“Such as?”
“I’m far too civilized to be getting into a slagging match with you right now; that’s for sure.”
“Don’t you have a job to do?” Max snapped at Keef, upset that this was one aspect of their friendship where he didn’t have the upper hand. Keef was a lady’s man that’s for sure whereas Max was a lone wolf, preferring his own company over anyone else’s.
“Already done it Max, that’s what I was getting at. I have an inside man; woman anyways.” Giggled Keef. “Just flash the torch at the top window and were in. trust me!”
Max whipped his head around and fixed his gaze on Keef. “Who the hell have you told we’re doing this Keef?” he hissed.
“Not Gina again I hope; that job went tits up because of you and your extracurricular activities with Gina the grass! Hell Keef you know I prefer to work alone and if I don’t its you and no-one else, will you ever listen?” Max had entered full rant and Keef sat patiently whilst he finished, he was so used to max losing his cool that it didn’t faze him anymore.
“Calm down Max, I slipped her one for a favour nothing more.” Keef replied calmly.
“We have five minutes to get in and out whilst she drops the power off; that’s plenty of time to steal the cash from the offices. You said yourself its not locked away, just left in the filing cabinet.”
“That’s not the point you idiot!” hissed Max again before dropping silent for a few moments.
Keef heard Max mutter from the other side of the ally. “Flash it at the top window you said.”.

“Yeah.” Replied Keef.

“This place is huge Max, where are the offices?” Keef asked once they were in the back door.
“We only have five minutes before the power resets and were screwed, we need to get a motor on.”
Max replied. “Upstairs on the eastern most corner of the building is the office and back stairwell.” “If we go up in the lift from here, we can go back out the fire doors at the back stairs, but we need to run Keef or we’ll run out of time.”
The pair set of running through the stadium up towards the central stairwell and right into a waiting lift. This struck Keef as odd as all the power was out across the building; he could only surmise that this had been isolated specifically for the job.
“Hit the fourth floor Keef.” Said Max as the doors to the elevator closed and the lift swiftly moved between the floors.
When the doors opened Keef asked. “Which office?”
Max rolled his eyes. “Look for the biggest and most flash Keef, these are footballers and their bosses after all; I mean, who keeps ten grand in petty cash eh? Except a football stadium?”
“I suppose.” Said Keef. “My guess is that corner one over there with the fogged-out glass walls. That looks like the biggest one here, let’s go.” They ran over to the far office
“Filing cabinets, look through all of them, fast.” Said Max.
The two ran over to the cabinets and immediately started opening all the drawers they could find. “We have one-minute left before we have to head out or the power will be back on. Hurry “Keef.”
“There’s nothing here Max and were about out of time, I thought you had cast iron guarantees that this money was always there!” shouted Keef in a panic.
“I did, I don’t understand it at all.” Said Max with a shocked look on his face. “My intel is never wrong Keef. Never!” Max couldn’t understand it. His intel had never been wrong before.
“Well it is this time Max; I’ve turned the place upside down looking and nothing.” Keef replied angrily. “We really need to get out of here now.”
“You’re right, let’s go.” Said Max.
The pair exited the stadium as fast as they could and had just got to the car when the power came back on and the whole place lit up like a Christmas tree.
“I don’t get it Max, what went wrong with your intel?” asked Keef confused. This was the first time his pal had ever been wrong about a job and he didn’t quite know how to comfort him.
“I don’t know fella, its never let me down before; I’m more shocked than anyone, I can tell you. Let’s get out of here.
The next day as the pair were drowning their sorrows in their local beer garden…
“Hey look, isn’t that that security guard Keef?” asked Max quizzically as she drove past the pub “Driving a brand-new car too…”
“Keef!” snapped Max “What did you tell her?”
“Well I had to tell her the score or she wasn’t gunna help Max.”
“FFS Keef. Will you ever learn?”

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