As any of you who follow regularly will know, I have developed an obsession with meditative artworks of late; mandala's and zentangle to be precise. I found these art forms a few years back and have never really gotten into them as I wrongly thought that they take time and patience to complete, something I... Continue Reading →


over on Doodlewash today the challenge is to paint flowers. heres my entry for the day. Coloured Biro and watercolour paint. Don't forget to head on over to the link page to check out everyone elses entry.


Over on Doodlewash today the challenge is to create a drawing or watercolour painting around the theme of sunglasses. Here is my entry for today's challenge. Watercolour and marker pen. Dont forget to check out everyone elses entries, just follow the link at the top. Happy doodles people!


Doodlewash. JUNE 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Fun In The Sun! Today over on Doodlewash the prompt is camping. Couldn't be a better one for me as that happens to be my favorite pastime combined with my second favorite passion. I'll camp anywhere, any time. I love the outdoors and I love to paint too. Bonus! How... Continue Reading →

On the Beach.

World watercolour month & Doodlewash  bring us a month of watercolour challenges. Get your brushes out and head on over to their site for full details. Heres my entry for today. It's plain and simple but I'm proud of it and am using it as the featured image in my a2z challenge. Head on over... Continue Reading →


JUNE 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Fun In The Sun! 19/6/19. Pick the prompt for the date and enjoy the challenge. My offering in watercolour pencils and biro. I really need to improve my watercolour abilities. I apologise for such a poor attempt.   Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back... Continue Reading →

Watercolours ‘ey. Thats new!

JUNE 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Fun In The Sun! Fun In The Sun! I've decided to take up a new challenge and learn to watercolour paint so I will be taking part, weekly, in the June art challenge. I have discovered I'm not very good at it even with 6 years of fine art school behind... Continue Reading →

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