Dear diary. Another hectic day with the bears, I cant wait till they go back to school in three weeks time. It will be heaven and hell rolled into one. Odd how they drive me utterly insane and I want rid of them all the time but when they're gone I do miss them. Had... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VIII

Lillee slowed Dapple to a halt and dismounted, helping Kiyonari down after her. She walked the horse off the path and into the thicket taking the girl by the hand and leading her the same way. Lillee knew they were closing in on the witch and she had decided a long time back that this... Continue Reading →

Long-life roses!

A week ago I bought Bear this bunch of yellow and pink roses as a way to say I love you. Imagine my surprise when returning from holiday to find that they are still alive and have opened into a lovely loose bloom. Id love to know what they put in cut plant food to... Continue Reading →

The gardener.

In response to #Tale Weaver 237 & #WotD challenge. 22/8/19. I’m weeding out the garden I’m clearing out for fun I’m pulling up the weeds until my work is done pulling roots of dandelions one by one by one before they take merry flight and one becomes a tonne I’m weeding out the garden outside... Continue Reading →

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