Watercolour challenge.

Over on Doodlewash this week the focus is on eyes. Here is my contribution. watercolour and ink If you enjoy painting and drawing why don't you join in the fun too. Head on over to the link page and check out the challenges. I have neglected my watercolours this last few weeks as I have... Continue Reading →


As any of you who follow regularly will know, I have developed an obsession with meditative artworks of late; mandala's and zentangle to be precise. I found these art forms a few years back and have never really gotten into them as I wrongly thought that they take time and patience to complete, something I... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Yesterday was awful! No housework to get stuck into, no laundry, no errands to run, no kids at home; nadda! By the time Bear got home mid afternoon I was about ready to tear my hair out I was so bored. I hate days like that, where I have nothing to do but... Continue Reading →

Monday morning doodles.

Inspired by #DoodlewashSeptember2019. 2/9/19. Sharpie and watercolour Zentangle attempt. I have just discovered Zentangle and am amazed at how good a relaxation method it is. if you haven't already tried it, give it a go. Its so therapeutic. Don't forget to follow the link and check out everyone elses entries for todays prompt of fabric.... Continue Reading →


over on Doodlewash today the challenge is to paint flowers. heres my entry for the day. Coloured Biro and watercolour paint. Don't forget to head on over to the link page to check out everyone elses entry.

On the Beach.

World watercolour month & Doodlewash  bring us a month of watercolour challenges. Get your brushes out and head on over to their site for full details. Heres my entry for today. It's plain and simple but I'm proud of it and am using it as the featured image in my a2z challenge. Head on over... Continue Reading →

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