Photo series.

Over on #MLMM the task today is to utilise the original image provided in some form of creative form.  original image by Araki Photograph Studio My entries This is an old photo series I created for an art project on domestic violence. All of the original images were taken using a flatbed scanner only.

Candid shots

Over on #CB&W this week the challenge is to take candid shots of animals or people. Here are my entries from our recent trip to Twycross Zoo. Dont forget to follow the link back to Cee's page and check out all the other entries too. Happy snapping folks. xx

What is this thing?

Over on #FOTD the challenge each day is to post a photo of a flower. Normally this isnt an issue for me as we have just gone through spring and summer and autumn is fast approaching I find myself unable to find many flowers to photograph. I did find this little thing growing in my... Continue Reading →

I’ve got wood!

Over on Cee's Black & White Photo challenge the order of the day is; things made of wood. Here are my entries from my most recent camping trip to the woods. Cant get any more made of wood than the woods themselves. We did make dinner on wood tho, does that count? Dont forget to... Continue Reading →

Long-life roses!

A week ago I bought Bear this bunch of yellow and pink roses as a way to say I love you. Imagine my surprise when returning from holiday to find that they are still alive and have opened into a lovely loose bloom. Id love to know what they put in cut plant food to... Continue Reading →

A few snaps from our holiday.

As many of you will know the Bears and I have just returned from our last big trip away for the summer. The Derbyshire dales has so much to offer and has certainly kept us all busy for the four day trip; these are just some of the mirriad of pics taken along our journey.... Continue Reading →

Still Life.

A photographic representation of the given theme, set by nancy merrill photography over on a Photo a week challenge. This weeks theme is still life and here is entry. I hope you like them. Tea Time. A view from above. A single bloom.

I bought Bear roses!

Is it wrong to buy your man flowers? Bear looked very embarrassed when I handed him these yesterday and didn't really know what to say. They are beautiful though and I wanted to show him that I love him, maybe next time I should buy him some chocolate instead. Hey Ho! Posted in response to... Continue Reading →

Why Cant I Just…?

A poem for these two challenges... The Daily Spur, photo prompt - Road & Your Daily Word Prompt - Obstinate. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to head over to the links and check out everyone elses entries too. Happy reading. Why Can’t I Just… Why can’t I pick the easy route? With no... Continue Reading →

Perfect timing.

Over on Photo a Week Challenge the theme is Perfect timing. Here are my entries for this week. Driving through rainstorms one sunny afternoon and this little beauty kept popping up in fields. It took a bit of practice but this one was perfect timing! This image was an accidental shot but I couldn't have... Continue Reading →

What is it?

Good morning everyone, I hope you slept well? Over on Cee's flower of the Day Challenge they are spreading a little cheer with their lovely blooms, head on over and check out all the other entries. Here's mine for the day, anyone know what it is, because I have no idea and I've been growing... Continue Reading →

Sepia sky.

Weekly Prompts, Photo Challenge Sepia. Todays challenge over on Weekly prompts is Sepia. I knew instantly which image I wanted to use; how could anyone forget this sunset. Taken from my favorite spot. Don't forget to check out others entries over on the challenge page, follow the links. Happy snapping. xx

Purple Beauties and Shades of Pink.

Cee's Photo Challenges - Flower of the Day & A Photo a Week Challeng: Shaeds of Pink I love this time of year. My garden comes alive with pinks in hues, smells and shape. How beautiful is this purple coloured Clematis above and the pink one below? They grow huge around my front door and the... Continue Reading →

Satisfaction at last!

Weekly Prompts - Photo Challenge - Satisfaction Five years ago I wasn't just a different person on the inside, so much so that people I knew back then don't recognize me if I see them nowadays. I have always struggled with my weight; always been on the heavier side of the fence and always fought... Continue Reading →

Flight 200.

Your Daily Word Prompt , Word of the Day Challenge & Sunday Photo Fiction Found at last. Photo by Blair Fraser on Unsplash On the 22nd of March, at 2.15pm, flight 200 was eventually found. Its once opulent fuselage a mere shell of its former glory, no visual sign as to why the plane came down, and why... Continue Reading →

The most beautiful sunrise ever seen!

View from my kitchen window. Over on Travel With Intent they are running their 6 word Saturday challenge. (#6ws) Here's my entry. Pop on over and check it out. We are blessed where I live with some of the most spectacular sunrise and sunset vistas I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. We get... Continue Reading →

Flower Power.

Cee's Photo Challenges - Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge One of my all time passions is modelling. Be it with clay or fimo, mod rock or Plasticine; I love to build and model things. I am a trained artist and one day would love to open my own business making things to sell, hence the... Continue Reading →


Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge. 10/7/19. Good morning everyone. I couldn't stick to just one photo this morning and found myself taking multiple. I wont bore you all with a million pictures of my bathroom however and have just chosen my favorite three. My Bathroom. My sanctuary. Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget... Continue Reading →


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. 3/7/19. Lines & Angles. Telephone cables at dawn. The view from my kitchen window. Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back to the original post and enjoy other peoples entries too. Don't forget to leave me a comment in the box; It's good to... Continue Reading →

The Forest.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, FOWC with Fandango & Weekly prompts Photo Challenge. 2/7/19. DARK, MISTAKE & MANAGE.   The Forest. Lillee could see daylight breaking through the trees and she had never been more grateful for dawn in her life. The events of the previous night had shaken her to... Continue Reading →

The awesome shades of Mother Nature.

Six Word Saturday. 29/6/19. TAKING ON THE COLOURS OF SUMMER.   Newly hatched Elephant Hawk moth beauty. Found in the sandpit by BB4. Isn't he an absolutely stunning colour?   Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back to the original post and enjoy other peoples entries too. Don't forget to... Continue Reading →

Purple Beauties.

Friendly Friday photo challenge. 28/6/19. FLORAL. This weeks challenge is hosted by Manja Mexi Moving   I love roses, they are one of my favourite flowers. I have the pleasure of having these beauties flowering at my university. The picture doesn't do their colour justice as in person they are much more purple. They are stunning.... Continue Reading →


FRIENDLY FRIDAY PHOTO CHALLENGE – EBB AND FLOW Todays Friday Photo challenge we are asked to think about 'the cyclic changes in the tides, the comings and goings of life, recurrent patterns of decline and growth. An awakening, an ageing and a rebirth.'     I am blessed as far as water goes where I live. I... Continue Reading →


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. 14/6/19. SHADOW. SHADOW. The shadow dance across your face has me spellbound, every line, every crease, every perfect flaw, all mine. Watching you sit, king of the flames, lord of my heart, astounds my minds to think that I wake each day, and you're mine. You are my idea of perfection,... Continue Reading →


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. 7/6/19. Shadows Shadows. Watching you sit in the shadows by the fire, the light from the flames flickering across your face; highlighting every line I know and love so well. I fall for you just a little bit more. You are my King of the Night, my Mozzie Ninja, my all... Continue Reading →

If you shake me, I rattle!

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge. 1/6/19. WHITE.   WHITE. White. Pink & White. White & White. White & White. Yellow. White & white! It sounds like a really bad rap tune, sung by a weedy white guy. My life is ruled by white! I can't move without white! My tummy would bleed without white! My head... Continue Reading →

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