He be nimble.

written in response to #YDWP. 27/8/19. He be nimble. I get up this morning And what do I see A man, mad and angry And coming at me What did I do? I can not recall Although I suspect Nothing at all He be nimble He be quick He comes at me With a candlestick... Continue Reading →


Being alone is awful. Nothing to stimulate the senses, no-one to break the endless silences. Nothing to do but ponder co-operation with anyone and nothing to enrich your days but radio, TV or books; no cohabiting companions to change the pace a little. Loneliness isn't just the plight of the elderly; it isn't something that... Continue Reading →


Q = QUEER. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 17/7/19 I was called Queer the other day and I actually felt pretty mad about it. My best friend and I were at the park with BB3 and BB4, they were happily playing on the swings and my friend and I were sat on the benches. It... Continue Reading →


You left your footprints on my heart And your handprints on my face. The day I finally walked away The day you took my grace. You left me worthless, black and blue Beaten and broken, lost and alone. You left me with no one but you The day I walked away. I left my footprints... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 7/7/19. The skin burns raw yet I do not feel it, as the Match burns down to my finger tips. The blows to my body I no longer notice, the pain in my heart heavier than the hits. I once had a body, a mind... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues.

Word of the Day Challenge. 16/6/19. DADDY.   A poem I wrote a long time a go.   Daddy Issues. When I was one, life had just begun When I was two, my brother was new when I was three, I sat on your knee When I was four, you weren't there anymore When I... Continue Reading →

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