Stand tall.

Written in response to #MLMM, Saturday Mix - Rhyme Time. Look Square in the face of dangerLook right back at fear and glareLook on tho everythings against youStand tall with your arms in the air Bare all that you are for judgementBare all that you are with flairBare your soul to all that know youStand... Continue Reading →


Mindlovemisery's Menagerie, Saturday Mix – Sound Bite. 3/8/19. Todays challenge is to create a poem of prose using onomatopoeic rhyme. The challenge words are WHACK, YELP & SPLISH. Whack went the bat, a perfect six. Yelp went the dog as he gets hit. Whoosh went the ball as it tore by. Splish went the milk.... Continue Reading →

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