Jenny & Geoff.

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining this morning over my corner of England and so the Bears and I are heading out for the morning to try and top up our vitamin D. Seeing as Im short on time today I have combined four challenges (#YDWP, #WotDC, #FOWC & #SPF )in one this morning.... Continue Reading →

My Shadow.

Sunday Photo Fiction. 4/8/19. Today's challenge over on Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a short story in 200 words, using the image provided. I have to admit, I have struggled no end with this this morning and cant come up with anything except a poem. Not strictly allowed but I hope I can write... Continue Reading →

Flight 200.

Your Daily Word Prompt , Word of the Day Challenge & Sunday Photo Fiction Found at last. Photo by Blair Fraser on Unsplash On the 22nd of March, at 2.15pm, flight 200 was eventually found. Its once opulent fuselage a mere shell of its former glory, no visual sign as to why the plane came down, and why... Continue Reading →

Shes gunna Blow!

Sunday Photo Fiction. 7/7/19. "This ones all on you Max, I aint goin t' prison over this." Shouted Keef as they ran. "Why are we doing this anyways?" "You know why, you over-sized idiot, the boss asked us to!" Panted Max as the pair shot off behind a parked car. "We're being paid a lot... Continue Reading →

Johns Demise.

Sunday Photo Fiction. 16/6/19. The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the photo. John ran through the thick forest as fast as his legs would move him. He feared for his life as he dodged roots that sprang up to trip him and thorns that clawed at his... Continue Reading →

The Bench.

The SPF Challenge. 9/6/19. THE BENCH. The SPF Challenge The Bench   As she looked out across the dreary courtyard at the bench they once shared together on brighter days, tears filled her eyes and fell in puddles around her feet; much like the rain outside. ‘Our Spot.’ She sobbed, ‘We were supposed to be... Continue Reading →

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