Dear diary. The weather has been much like my mood all day! English Summertime! BB1 let me have MB1 for the day whilst she was out at appointments and so I've been on Gamma/Momma Bear duties all day long; and my house certainly reflects this! I have the pair of them overnight and tomorrow too... Continue Reading →

I wonder!

If you can read this excerpt please visit the page and hit like. I'm conducting an experiment! I have noticed some odd stats on my page and I am trying to understand exactly who is viewing my posts and who visits the page itself. I would love to know where all of my readers are... Continue Reading →

Make me yours.

Over on Putting My Feet in the Dirt, August Writing Prompts the challenge is to write based on the key words given. Today the phrase is HICCUPING HAIKU'S. I have combined this with the daily words from #WOTD & #YDWP to create my combined entry for the three. Don't forget to go check out everyone... Continue Reading →

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