The Yule Ball

Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions and #MLMM, #Tale waver. 19/12/19 Christmas used to be her favourite time of the year but as time went by Leila had grown to hate the festive period. She longed for the days gone by where the whole family would gather together to celebrate and it... Continue Reading →

Jack and Carrie.

written in response to # YDWP, #WOTD, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions. 18/12/19. Detective Jack Jacobs was an undercover cop, new to the role and currently shitting himself. He had been on the job a day when he was flung into his first role, a mission to infiltrate the local prostitute ring. He had been chosen specifically... Continue Reading →

To be Frank.

written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions. "He deftly invoked a rare climax from deep within her, making her sing out in the throws of passion!" "What are you reading?" Asked Frank. "Just a book Frank, you wouldn't like it." Replied Annie. "Why wouldn't I like it? Whats wrong with it? Asked Frank,... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions, #MLMM & #Tale Weaver. Sarran had had a crush on Lyla since the first time they had met some ten years before at the start of secondary school. It seemed like such an eternity ago now but Sarran’s feelings had only deepened with time. It was... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #WotD & #YDWP. 12/10/19 Lucy was anything but chic, in fact Lucy was as far away from it as a person could be and tonight her favoured tracksuit and trainer’s combo would never fit the bill; and she knew it. Tonight, was to be the biggest gig of her life and... Continue Reading →

For Sale.

Written in response to #Tale weaver, #MLMM. 3/10/19. For Sale. 2 x Red haired, tiny humans!1 previous owner.Both leak and need house training but are good with other children and animals.Come with own bedding and food.Must go ASAP as a pair. Price on request.


Written in response to #FOWC. 12/9/19. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was aloof to say the least. Choosing her own company over that of anyone else’s. She had been this way since she was very young, never making friends in playgroup or school and preferring solitary games and activities wherever possible. It wasn’t that Elizabeth didn’t want friends,... Continue Reading →

Bravery wins.

Written in response to #YDWP, #WotD & #Tale Weaver Bravery wins. Sarra could feel all eyes on her as she walked down the beach to the sea. She had never been this brave before, normally opting to remain covered so no one could see her scars but not this time. This time she had a... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in magic?

Written in response to #FPQ, #FOWC & #YDWP Growing up I had a tenuous grasp on reality at the best of times and magic played a huge part in that. I don't mean Penn and Teller kind of magic tricks, that's just science used in an ingenious way to fool people; although they are cool.... Continue Reading →

The fairy who lived in a tea-cup.

Written in response to #Tale Weaver. 5/9/19. The fairy who lived in a tea-cup. Joy was a flower fairy. She lived at the bottom of the garden in the prettiest tea-cup you have ever seen. One day as Joy was tending her garden, she noticed a pretty little girl playing on the swing attached to... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt IX.

The wraith had told them where the witch would be, and it was only a short distance before they would be within her grasp; on foot no more than a half-hour walk. Kalleb walked beside Lillee in order to instigate conversation, asking questions of the priestess’s duty and her lineage. Kalleb had studied not only... Continue Reading →

The invitation.

Written in response to #YDWP & #WotD Challenges. The invitation. Sarah was nervous. She had never done anything like this before and was unsure whether or not she should really go through with it; it was only the money that made her even consider such a venture. Sarah was an art student at the local... Continue Reading →


Written in response to the following prompt challenges. #WOTD, #YDWP, #Saturday mix, #SoCS If you enjoy my entry don't forget to go check out the link pages and everyone elses entries too. Happy reading. Bloodline At five to midnight on the twelfth it all started. There was a bright, translucent full moon and Jock was... Continue Reading →

The West World Heist.

Written in response to the following challenges... #WotD, #YDWP, #August Writing Prompts, #RDP If you enjoy reading my entry then why not pop on over to the link pages and check out some of the others entries too; maybe even have a go yourself. Happy reading folks. xx The West World Heist. Everyone thought he... Continue Reading →


Good morning everyone. Im still not feeling on top form but Im a bit more positive today than I have been. My mojo still hasn't returned tho and I am struggling still to form words into sentences at the moment. I hope you like today's combined entry for the Word of the day challenge &... Continue Reading →

Jenny & Geoff.

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining this morning over my corner of England and so the Bears and I are heading out for the morning to try and top up our vitamin D. Seeing as Im short on time today I have combined four challenges (#YDWP, #WotDC, #FOWC & #SPF )in one this morning.... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VII

The witch exploded with rage when the children passed through her reach and left the forest. She reeled at the thought her powers were waning to such a degree and she needed a meal fast. Knowing that this was the only thing that would give her the strength she needed to complete her plan, the... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VI

The fireball could be seen for miles around, the local villages knowing instantly that the dragon was back; causing fear and panic across the land. All knew of the dangers the dragon held and tonight of all nights, on the eve of the king’s ascension, this omen could only bare ill will. Each village evacuated... Continue Reading →

The Book Heist.

Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. 31/7/19. Max and Keef were skulking in the shadow, scoping out the security. They’d had wind of a rare first edition coming into the local book shop, reportedly worth a nice five figure sum, and couldn’t resist the opportunity on offer. They doubted security would... Continue Reading →

The Trip.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge & FOWC with Fandango “What time we got to be at the airport Keef?” Asked Max “6:30 Max, stop panicking.” “I’m not panicking, I’m checking nothing can go wrong this time.” Max was panicking, but he wasn’t about to let Keef have the satisfaction of knowing... Continue Reading →

The aftermath.

THE DAILY SPUR. Photo Prompt - Waste. Max was deep in thought as he looked out of the window at the dreary day. After the waste of time the last job was, he was damned certain Keef wasn't going to be in charge of any more missions, that's for sure. It had taken an hour,... Continue Reading →

The Cash Machine.

50 Word Thursday, Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. Keef had chosen tonight specifically as there was no moon. The road to the tiny shop was pitch black as they drove the box van down the lane; quite a distance with no lights on. "Its four in the morning Max, we're... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt IV

Weekly Prompts & Word of the Day Challenge. Black & Dragon Lillee chanted and chanted, as fast and softly as her panicked mind would allow her to. Dapple was foaming at the bit now and she knew that he couldn’t keep this up for long before he fell; his heart would give out. She knew... Continue Reading →

Shes gunna Blow!

Sunday Photo Fiction. 7/7/19. "This ones all on you Max, I aint goin t' prison over this." Shouted Keef as they ran. "Why are we doing this anyways?" "You know why, you over-sized idiot, the boss asked us to!" Panted Max as the pair shot off behind a parked car. "We're being paid a lot... Continue Reading →

The forest pt III.

Your Daily Wor Prompt & Word of the day challenge. 4/7/19. Inimical & volley.   The trees towered over Lillee and Dapple as they entered the forest's edge. The temperature plummeted and the air grew stale. Dapple shied back, his instincts screaming at him to run but Lillee held him fast and stroked his mane... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt II

Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 3/7/19.ABJECT & DRIVE. Lillee packed her things as fast as she could. Her kit always lay ready but she still had to gather her wards and amulets; sure she was that she would need them this night, such where the stories told about the forest.... Continue Reading →

The Forest.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, FOWC with Fandango & Weekly prompts Photo Challenge. 2/7/19. DARK, MISTAKE & MANAGE.   The Forest. Lillee could see daylight breaking through the trees and she had never been more grateful for dawn in her life. The events of the previous night had shaken her to... Continue Reading →

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