The Forest – The complete story.

As many of you who follow me know, I have been attempting to write a short story over the last few month and today I finally finished it! Yay! If you would like to read the story in full, rather than hunt out all ten posts, then this is the post for you. Happy reading.... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt X – The final chapter.

Written with the following prompts included... #YDWP & #FOWC As the last of the dust settled, Lillee’s mind was finally released from the witch’s visions and she could move once more. Her head ached from the pressure and it took her a moment or two to regain her senses, such was the onslaught, but when... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #FOWC. 12/9/19. Elizabeth. Elizabeth was aloof to say the least. Choosing her own company over that of anyone else’s. She had been this way since she was very young, never making friends in playgroup or school and preferring solitary games and activities wherever possible. It wasn’t that Elizabeth didn’t want friends,... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in magic?

Written in response to #FPQ, #FOWC & #YDWP Growing up I had a tenuous grasp on reality at the best of times and magic played a huge part in that. I don't mean Penn and Teller kind of magic tricks, that's just science used in an ingenious way to fool people; although they are cool.... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt IX.

The wraith had told them where the witch would be, and it was only a short distance before they would be within her grasp; on foot no more than a half-hour walk. Kalleb walked beside Lillee in order to instigate conversation, asking questions of the priestess’s duty and her lineage. Kalleb had studied not only... Continue Reading →


Written in response to the following prompt challenges. #WOTD, #YDWP, #Saturday mix, #SoCS If you enjoy my entry don't forget to go check out the link pages and everyone elses entries too. Happy reading. Bloodline At five to midnight on the twelfth it all started. There was a bright, translucent full moon and Jock was... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VII

The witch exploded with rage when the children passed through her reach and left the forest. She reeled at the thought her powers were waning to such a degree and she needed a meal fast. Knowing that this was the only thing that would give her the strength she needed to complete her plan, the... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VI

The fireball could be seen for miles around, the local villages knowing instantly that the dragon was back; causing fear and panic across the land. All knew of the dangers the dragon held and tonight of all nights, on the eve of the king’s ascension, this omen could only bare ill will. Each village evacuated... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt IV

Weekly Prompts & Word of the Day Challenge. Black & Dragon Lillee chanted and chanted, as fast and softly as her panicked mind would allow her to. Dapple was foaming at the bit now and she knew that he couldn’t keep this up for long before he fell; his heart would give out. She knew... Continue Reading →

The forest pt III.

Your Daily Wor Prompt & Word of the day challenge. 4/7/19. Inimical & volley.   The trees towered over Lillee and Dapple as they entered the forest's edge. The temperature plummeted and the air grew stale. Dapple shied back, his instincts screaming at him to run but Lillee held him fast and stroked his mane... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt II

Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 3/7/19.ABJECT & DRIVE. Lillee packed her things as fast as she could. Her kit always lay ready but she still had to gather her wards and amulets; sure she was that she would need them this night, such where the stories told about the forest.... Continue Reading →

The Forest.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, FOWC with Fandango & Weekly prompts Photo Challenge. 2/7/19. DARK, MISTAKE & MANAGE.   The Forest. Lillee could see daylight breaking through the trees and she had never been more grateful for dawn in her life. The events of the previous night had shaken her to... Continue Reading →

The race to re-take Ernabeth.

The Daily Spur Photo Prompt. 24/6/19. Today’s word is TEAR. Get the definition from or from the urban dictionary Today's picture, taken from The Daily Spur. Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven (archduk3) Photo provided by Unsplash The race to re-take Ernabeth.   Tears rolled down her face as she stared into the depths of the canyon;... Continue Reading →

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