Dear diary. I think I'm getting a cold! Started with a tickle in my throat this morning and now I have headache and am coughing. I'm hoping it's just latent hayfever but I have nagging doubts. Oh well. Orange juice and tissues at the ready. I'm off to bed to nurse my sorrows Night all.... Continue Reading →

My pair of errant pests.

Written in response to #Tale weaver & WotD Challenges. 29/8/19. My pair of errant pests Kid you’re crazy in every wayIn fun and laughter, work and playYou are a beauty beyond measureOf course you are my little treasureNot a thing about you I would alterAnd my love for you will never falterRemember baby I’m always... Continue Reading →

What is this thing?

Over on #FOTD the challenge each day is to post a photo of a flower. Normally this isnt an issue for me as we have just gone through spring and summer and autumn is fast approaching I find myself unable to find many flowers to photograph. I did find this little thing growing in my... Continue Reading →

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