Dear diary... Well today was a wash out in more ways than one. The weather has been aweful today and the Bears take this as an oportunity to wreck the house. Being stuck indoors with two high octane children is the worst to say the least. My pain levels are high today, as a result... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary.

I originally started blogging as a way to vent some of the stresses my head created throughout my daily life; a digital extension of my own personal diary. This never really happened and I have gravitated more towards the daily challenge posts and the occasional rant. This is something I intend to rectify from today... Continue Reading →

Ellie the Elephant.

Over on #WOTD & #YDWP the challenge is to come up with something to fit the words you are given. I love to combine these challenges and see how many I can fit into one piece. ( I think I've managed three, max so far!) Today's words are Enigmatic and Elephant. The poem wrote itself!... Continue Reading →

The back of things.

Good morning everyone, over on Cee's B&W Photo today, the challenge is 'The Back of Things!' Enjoy. I hope you have all slept a little better than I have. The weather here is damp and hot at the moment and not making for a comfortable nights sleep. I for one will be glad to see... Continue Reading →

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