Dear diary. Today she came over for the day and we had a go with the tattoo kit. Not a bad attempt considering I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination and it still needs completing tomorrow evening around the eyes. It's been a long but enjoyable day and I'm glad I have... Continue Reading →

We, destroyers of worlds.

We’re all back to front We have it all wrong Its all the wrong way And it wont be too long Before we start suffering The catastrophic affects Of our destruction of earth That’s gone almost unchecked For scores of years And scores and scores more We have pillaged and raped And left our world... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt VII

The witch exploded with rage when the children passed through her reach and left the forest. She reeled at the thought her powers were waning to such a degree and she needed a meal fast. Knowing that this was the only thing that would give her the strength she needed to complete her plan, the... Continue Reading →

Perfect timing.

Over on Photo a Week Challenge the theme is Perfect timing. Here are my entries for this week. Driving through rainstorms one sunny afternoon and this little beauty kept popping up in fields. It took a bit of practice but this one was perfect timing! This image was an accidental shot but I couldn't have... Continue Reading →

What is it?

Good morning everyone, I hope you slept well? Over on Cee's flower of the Day Challenge they are spreading a little cheer with their lovely blooms, head on over and check out all the other entries. Here's mine for the day, anyone know what it is, because I have no idea and I've been growing... Continue Reading →

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