Artificial flowers.

Today over on Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge the theme is artificial flowers. This happens to be one of my favorite songs and so I couldn't help but add it in here, just because I can and it fits... I do love that song! Artificial flowers are something I work with quite often when... Continue Reading →

Sepia sky.

Weekly Prompts, Photo Challenge Sepia. Todays challenge over on Weekly prompts is Sepia. I knew instantly which image I wanted to use; how could anyone forget this sunset. Taken from my favorite spot. Don't forget to check out others entries over on the challenge page, follow the links. Happy snapping. xx


Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge - Bloom Holidaying in Wales I came across these beauties growing in a waste bit of field. They brightened my day for sure. Beauty and danger all rolled into one. Mother nature at her best. Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back to the original... Continue Reading →

The Forest pt IV

Weekly Prompts & Word of the Day Challenge. Black & Dragon Lillee chanted and chanted, as fast and softly as her panicked mind would allow her to. Dapple was foaming at the bit now and she knew that he couldn’t keep this up for long before he fell; his heart would give out. She knew... Continue Reading →

The Forest.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, FOWC with Fandango & Weekly prompts Photo Challenge. 2/7/19. DARK, MISTAKE & MANAGE.   The Forest. Lillee could see daylight breaking through the trees and she had never been more grateful for dawn in her life. The events of the previous night had shaken her to... Continue Reading →

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