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Written in response to #WotD. 3/10/19. As many of you know I am a keen artist and often post my work up for others to see. As I haven't done this for a while and the prompt was so apt for it I have decided to post a small gallery of my recent work as... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Yesterday was awful! No housework to get stuck into, no laundry, no errands to run, no kids at home; nadda! By the time Bear got home mid afternoon I was about ready to tear my hair out I was so bored. I hate days like that, where I have nothing to do but... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I made it through my first day back being alone and didnt go completely nutty! Yay! It took me a few hours to get my head around being alone and in silence but I cranked on the mix tapes and the headphones and cracked on with the housework. I ran out of things... Continue Reading →

I’ve got wood!

Over on Cee's Black & White Photo challenge the order of the day is; things made of wood. Here are my entries from my most recent camping trip to the woods. Cant get any more made of wood than the woods themselves. We did make dinner on wood tho, does that count? Dont forget to... Continue Reading →

A few snaps from our holiday.

As many of you will know the Bears and I have just returned from our last big trip away for the summer. The Derbyshire dales has so much to offer and has certainly kept us all busy for the four day trip; these are just some of the mirriad of pics taken along our journey.... Continue Reading →


Over on Doodlewash today the challenge is to create a drawing or watercolour painting around the theme of sunglasses. Here is my entry for today's challenge. Watercolour and marker pen. Dont forget to check out everyone elses entries, just follow the link at the top. Happy doodles people!

Purple Beauties.

Friendly Friday photo challenge. 28/6/19. FLORAL. This weeks challenge is hosted by Manja Mexi Moving   I love roses, they are one of my favourite flowers. I have the pleasure of having these beauties flowering at my university. The picture doesn't do their colour justice as in person they are much more purple. They are stunning.... Continue Reading →

I don’t own a lawn!

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. 26/6/19. Lawn ornaments.     I don't own a lawn, nor any ornaments to put in one, but I do have this striking little fellow sat on my patio wall and I really wanted to join in the challenge. Hope he's allowed.   Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget... Continue Reading →


JUNE 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Fun In The Sun! 19/6/19. Pick the prompt for the date and enjoy the challenge. My offering in watercolour pencils and biro. I really need to improve my watercolour abilities. I apologise for such a poor attempt.   Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back... Continue Reading →

Bit of digi-art.

Sorry for the lateness, this should have been posted yesterday but had internet issues. Kiras Sunday Skribble. 17/6/19. Original Image I loved the background so much I kinda had to steal it! It lends itself to something more romantic than perhaps the original image offered and so I created this on Windows 10, paint 3D.... Continue Reading →

Watercolours ‘ey. Thats new!

JUNE 2019 ART CHALLENGE: Fun In The Sun! Fun In The Sun! I've decided to take up a new challenge and learn to watercolour paint so I will be taking part, weekly, in the June art challenge. I have discovered I'm not very good at it even with 6 years of fine art school behind... Continue Reading →

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