Dear diary. I've woken up with a real grumpy on this morning and I feel so down about everything. I fell asleep at seven o'clock last night so it's not like I haven't had enough sleep, too much maybe! I'm spending too much of my time trying to figure out how to pass finance that... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. It's been a long weekend of textbook reading and note taking and I still dont feel any closer to understanding finance and economics than I did two days ago. I'm really going to fail this year and theres nothing to be done about it, I'm simply not good enough at this time to... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I slept better than I expected to and managed to stay awake until gone nine! I'm hoping that taking my med's right before bed has cracked the problem but Im going to give it a few days before getting excited. It was so good to be back at Uni yesterday, I had forgotten... Continue Reading →

Purple Beauties.

Friendly Friday photo challenge. 28/6/19. FLORAL. This weeks challenge is hosted by¬†Manja Mexi Moving   I love roses, they are one of my favourite flowers. I have the pleasure of having these beauties flowering at my university. The picture doesn't do their colour justice as in person they are much more purple. They are stunning.... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Silence. Daily word prompt. 28/5/19   My life has been lived in relative silence, She and I are old friends. Below is a paper I wrote for an intercultural communication assignment I was set this past term at university; and the best way I can think of to explain my affinity with the word Silence.... Continue Reading →

I’m still here!

So much has happened in the last year and a bit, it's hard to know where to start. 16 months have past since my last post and I feel like I've just woke from a dream of a life I'll never have. I didn't stay single too long! (Its a problem, I know!) I had... Continue Reading →

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