Please Help!

Hiya everyone. I am looking for upbeat playlist recommendations as I am trying to put together a mental health rescue pack for myself for my lowest days. I'm not very good at motivational songs but I have a start with this... I know, its not really very me but the lyrics are motivational, its... Continue Reading →

The Flight of Dragons.

written in response to #YDWP, #WotD & FOWC challenges. 30/8/19. The year after I was born my mother bought a VHS cassette tape to play for me, to keep me occupied whilst she was at the hospital visiting my newly born and severely premature little brother. I was left at my grandmothers with this tape... Continue Reading →

Seriously! Is that really a word?

Written in response to the following challenges; #WotD & #FOWC When I saw todays challenge on #FOWC I nearly fell off my chair! Is that really a word? I have to admit to googling it, just to be sure. Whenever Ive thought about the word highfalutin in the past I have always associated it with... Continue Reading →

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