Written in response to #Daily Addictions. 30/9/19. Gardening Out in the garden, come rain or come shine Tilling the soil and planting some vine Out in the garden, from dusk until dawn Digging out weeds and mowing the lawn Out in the garden, that’s where Ill be Off to dig carrots up, for our tea.


Written in response to #FPQ Do you feel that in today’s world — and perhaps in the part of the world in which you live — the freedom to articulate and express opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction is being threatened?Fandango How often do we hear "Oh, You cant say... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I cant walk away from something I love and enjoy doing. It's not in my nature. I cant just quit. I need to find a way to enjoy the things I used to enjoy with the same passion and enthusiasm. Lots of people have given me advice and its all great advice too... Continue Reading →

Should I just quit??

I dont know if I should do this anymore. I started writing because it helped centre my thoughts, it was good therapy. But now I'm lost with it all. I've lost my capacity to write anything worth reading and I'm becoming disappointed with myself on an almost daily basis. My family dont support my writing... Continue Reading →


Dear diary This writers block is killing me. I have so much I think I want to say but as soon as I sit to type, the words disappear from my mind and I go blank. I'm even struggling with coursework! I'm not devoutly Christian or any other religion but I prayed last night a... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #Tale Weaver. 26/9/19. 'What happiness is to one, Hell is to another.' As an old friend of mine used to say, and he was right! No two peoples idea of happiness will ever be identical and in some cases may even be polar opposites. I think for most of us though,... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #WotD & #FOWC. 27/9/19 Void I need to take drastic action If I’m ever to write again Because this constantly staring Into space is becoming a pain I feel so void and so vapid As I sit here with pad and with pen Trying to get a few words down Trying... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. The seasons have certainly changed now. Back to waking up and going to bed in the dark again and the inevitable return of S.A.D. It only occurred to me about an hour ago that this could be the reason for my malaise over the last few weeks; the season has changed and with... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Today I'm making a pact with myself... If I cant change something then I need to learn to let it go and not obsess over it! I spend far too much of my life sat worrying about things I have no control over and its a colossal waste of time. I achieved absolutely... Continue Reading →

Lost again.

Written in response to #YDWP. 25/9/19. Lost again. I need to talk to someone But I don’t know what to say I don’t know what I’m feeling Or why I feel this way I feel so lost and empty Sat here with my pen, alone But I can’t talk to anyone Not online, by pen... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I think I've finally found the right time to take my medication! Yay! Contrary to all the advice I was given about them causing insomnia if taken later in the day, I'm taking them right before bed and I'm sleeping kinda OK; for me. Just goes to show that the recommendations aren't always... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I slept better than I expected to and managed to stay awake until gone nine! I'm hoping that taking my med's right before bed has cracked the problem but Im going to give it a few days before getting excited. It was so good to be back at Uni yesterday, I had forgotten... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 23/9/19. Writers Block I’m struggling at the moment I don’t know what to say I can’t seem to get the words down In a meaningful kind of way My mind is blank and empty Void of line or verse or prose The wheels have ceased their turning And... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary The Bears and I have had our annual eye test this week and all three of us now need to wear glasses full time. BB3 has his already but little miss has to attend the eye hospital first due to her young age but will likely be getting her glasses within the next... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I hate medication. I hate the effects they have on me. And I hate the effect its having on everyone else too. Im really fed up now. As from tomorrow Im taking the damed things as late as possible, I don't care if I become an insomniac; I am never falling asleep at... Continue Reading →

I used to be!

written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 21/9/19. I used to be… I used to be gregarious In a fun-loving kind of way Nowadays I stay indoors I don’t venture out to play I’m scared of being out alone With nobody by my side Fear sets in and I want to run Back to my... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I took my medication a little earlier and guess what... By nine o'clock I was snoring again! It seems to be that I can't take the damned things before lunch if I hope to be able to stay awake in an evening. One o'clock seems to be the cut off hour! I've got... Continue Reading →

Is it?

How often can we say that we love truly and wholly, without letting anything else get in the way? This has always been my favorite bible verse because of the quandary the passage creates. Yes love is all of those things but at the same time it isn't; human nature gets in the way. As... Continue Reading →

It was Him!

Written in response to #FOWC. 20/9/19. It was Him! “Oh, dear Lord! Not again!” She screams as the death cloud rises Scanning the room for the guiltiest look Their gaze locks, and there’s no surprises! “Open the window, right now!” she screams As he rises, caught and dejected “Don’t even think about blaming the dog!... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Well I managed to stay awake again last night! I really do hope that the simple time change in my medication has solved the issues I was having and this isn't just a fluke. Its been nice seeing Bear again on an evening but it has highlighted to me just how down he... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Rant

Written using the following prompts - #WotD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Tale Weaver. 19/9/19. A poetic rant. As antagonistic as is possible As argumentative as can be Inimical, hostile, combative That’s all you’ll ever see You’re a tiny ball of fury A burning pyre of rage A sorry state to be I’m sure For someone of... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Well... I took my medication at one o'clock in the afternoon yesterday and managed to spend a whole evening talking with Bear! I was tired but not to the level of narcolepsy that I have been of late and I managed to stay up till eleven. Yay! Not that that has done me... Continue Reading →

Candid shots

Over on #CB&W this week the challenge is to take candid shots of animals or people. Here are my entries from our recent trip to Twycross Zoo. Dont forget to follow the link back to Cee's page and check out all the other entries too. Happy snapping folks. xx


Dear Diary. Guess who fell asleep at seven again last night?! I'm beginning to think I may never get this medication right and they may have to change me to something else. That's the last thing I want because besides the sleepiness issue Aripiprazole has been a wonder drug for me. I felt really bad... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Its official... I'm an anomaly! Not that I didn't now that I wasn't normal or anything but I'm now officially being written up as an example of when medication does what it isn't supposed to do. I had my medication review as planned yesterday and the outcome is that they have put me... Continue Reading →

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