Dear Diary. I hate medication. I hate the effects they have on me. And I hate the effect its having on everyone else too. Im really fed up now. As from tomorrow Im taking the damed things as late as possible, I don't care if I become an insomniac; I am never falling asleep at... Continue Reading →

An open rhyme.

Written in response to #YDWP & #WotD daily challenges. Untitled... You’re contentious and dissentious Pretentious, not conscientious Abstentious and dissentious You’ve made yourself this way, you see. You’re relentless, I defenceless It’s all momentous and tremendous How stupendous and horrendous does This situation have to be? You sit and lecture and gesture Whilst I sit... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I need to snap out of this funk I'm in, it's no good! I'm sick of feeling shitty about myself and everything about me and I'm sick of not being able to put my mind to anything. I just want to get on with stuff but I seem mired in thought and completely... Continue Reading →

A Bad Day!

Over on Fandango’s One-Word Challenge today the word of the day is Inconspicuous. I hope you like my entry. A Bad Day. I wish I could disappear Melt into a hole in the floor I wish I could shy away Not be noticed anymore I wish I were inconspicuous I wish I could disappear Hide... Continue Reading →


I've not been so good lately. The new anti-depressants make me exhausted by tea time and I'm falling asleep by eight; I don't even remember going to bed, I'm that tired. I literally feel like half my life has been taken from me because my evenings are being stolen by sleep. Bear works and doesn't... Continue Reading →


Q = QUEER. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 17/7/19 I was called Queer the other day and I actually felt pretty mad about it. My best friend and I were at the park with BB3 and BB4, they were happily playing on the swings and my friend and I were sat on the benches. It... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 7/7/19. The skin burns raw yet I do not feel it, as the Match burns down to my finger tips. The blows to my body I no longer notice, the pain in my heart heavier than the hits. I once had a body, a mind... Continue Reading →


LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 7/7/19 I love gardening. I love all things green and floral and I have high aspirations for my outside spaces. My health on the other hand likes indoors. It likes warm, comfortable sofas with my feet up and no bending. This provides a quandary, especially when my garden currently looks... Continue Reading →


I need help!   Being a housewife is easy, if you’ve ever been taught the skills. Being a cook, cleaner, maid, laundry assistant, handyman and nanny is easy if you know how. Running a house is simple, if you have a clean slate and proper routines right from the start. Running a family isn’t hard... Continue Reading →

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