written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions. 13/12/19. A belated attempt at writing today, my brain wont get moving and my minds gone astray.I need to oust the angst I feel as I sit here with my pen, and address the thoughts and feelings that speed in and out again.My head is full... Continue Reading →

In the twilight hours.

Written in response to #WOTD, 6/12/19 In the twilight hours I wake from fitful sleepto an emptiness that never leaves me. It pervades my waking hours and saps my strength from melike candy from a little childleaving me bereftwantinghoping for something more than this So I prey and I hopefor anythingsomethingbut all I ever find... Continue Reading →

Predictions would be nice!

Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions I feel like I'm sat in the lobby of my life, just waiting for my bags to be brought down; but they never come. I feel like I'm surfing on the roughest seas, constantly paddling to try and stay afloat and not drown under the... Continue Reading →

I used to be…

Written in response to #WOTD & #YDWP I used to be quite loquacious when I were younger, a little too verbose some may have said but I always had something to say on any given subject. Nowadays I struggle to string two words together most days and my mind has a blankness only the heavily... Continue Reading →

Rescue me.

Written in response to #WOTD & #FOWC. 12/11/19 Noses pressed on window glassHopeful eyes sadden, when you passThey all want puppies not old and sicknone of us here will do the trickyou pass us by, not cute enoughtoo big, too bold or far to roughbut you don't see whats really insideA scared little puppa, trying... Continue Reading →

Does it?

Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 1/11/19. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" Its a strange old adage and one that makes no sense to me at all. An occurrence doesn't make you stronger just because you have lived through it. I don't feel any stronger for having lived through the things I... Continue Reading →

Halloween bravery.

Its Halloween again and for me, and others like me, one of the worst times of the year.In some ways I love the celebration. I like the idea of trick or treating with the kids till gone bedtime, pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie. I love the dressing up and the fake blood. I love virtually... Continue Reading →


Why do children get up so early in the morning? It doesn't matter what time I put them to bed, you can guarantee that by six am they are both down and ganging up on me. This morning is no exception, they are both up and fighting already. I don't understand why they cant just... Continue Reading →

Seasons change.

written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions. 28/10/19. Oh, sweet rhapsody, of wind and howling rainThe sounds of autumn's fast advanceHave come around againFalling leaves and arcane chills surround our every nightAs the seasons change and the summers derailedThe sunshine's out of sightWith winter hats upon our heads, we drive on through... Continue Reading →

Karma’s a bitch!

written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions Karma's a bitch and when she comes for you I hope to have front row seats, its the least she can do for me!I'm not a vengeful person but karma, shes anything but innocuous in her dealings and I hope shes keeping something special in... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions, #MLMM & #Tale Weaver. Sarran had had a crush on Lyla since the first time they had met some ten years before at the start of secondary school. It seemed like such an eternity ago now but Sarran’s feelings had only deepened with time. It was... Continue Reading →

I need to get a grip!

Written in response to #WotD, #YDWP & FOWC. My heart is like glass of late, one small knock and it would shatter into a million pieces. I feel weak and delicate, as if someone has stolen all of my strength and replaced it with nothing.Too many things have happened, the list goes on and on... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #Daily Addiction. 16/10/19 A sadness has spread across me today and my home doesnt feel like my home any more as I pack up the last of her things. Its hard to believe that she is gone and will never again beam her broadest smile at me; never again melt my... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #WotD & #YDWP. 12/10/19 Lucy was anything but chic, in fact Lucy was as far away from it as a person could be and tonight her favoured tracksuit and trainer’s combo would never fit the bill; and she knew it. Tonight, was to be the biggest gig of her life and... Continue Reading →

What do you do?

Written in response to #WotD, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions and #tale weaver at #MLMM When the world gets too much and each day seems more insurmountable than the last, you know it's time to take a break, time to get away and chill what do you do? Me, I love to camp out in order to... Continue Reading →

The Ballet

Written in response to #FOWC & #YDWP. 9/10/19 The cast danced in the lights from the stage front, magical in their unity and flow. One by one pirouetting across the floor like feathers floating on a breeze before parting to allow the eminent prima through. Her display, magnificence personified as she portrays her tale of... Continue Reading →

A poem, or two.

Written in response to #WotD & #Daily Addictions. 9/10/19. Qualms Quite aware of all my flawsUnsure of what to doAbout all of the Little thingsMe, I have no clue! Sea - A Haiku Shimmering soft sandEach grain diamonds in the roughAtopped ' mighty waves.

My Partner

written in response to #FOWC My partner is my world, second only to the Bears.Never in my life have I met or loved anyone quite like him. He drives me utterly insane some days but it never dents how much I love or care about him and I know how lucky I am to have... Continue Reading →

Food has a lot to answer for!

Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 4/10/19. I used to be quite the gourmand back in the day. I loved my food and would eat constantly. I look back on the glutton I used to be and I cringe immensely. I've always had a poor relationship with food. At ten years old I was... Continue Reading →

For Sale.

Written in response to #Tale weaver, #MLMM. 3/10/19. For Sale. 2 x Red haired, tiny humans!1 previous owner.Both leak and need house training but are good with other children and animals.Come with own bedding and food.Must go ASAP as a pair. Price on request.

I’m Sure

Written in response to #FOWC. 1/10/19 I'm Sure Put your worries in your handbag Or out of sight from prying eyes Stop the fretting and the headache It doesn’t matter who hears your cries They only care when it suits them In the end there’s only you Verboseness will be their downfall Each will come... Continue Reading →

Lost again.

Written in response to #YDWP. 25/9/19. Lost again. I need to talk to someone But I don’t know what to say I don’t know what I’m feeling Or why I feel this way I feel so lost and empty Sat here with my pen, alone But I can’t talk to anyone Not online, by pen... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. I think I've finally found the right time to take my medication! Yay! Contrary to all the advice I was given about them causing insomnia if taken later in the day, I'm taking them right before bed and I'm sleeping kinda OK; for me. Just goes to show that the recommendations aren't always... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 23/9/19. Writers Block I’m struggling at the moment I don’t know what to say I can’t seem to get the words down In a meaningful kind of way My mind is blank and empty Void of line or verse or prose The wheels have ceased their turning And... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary The Bears and I have had our annual eye test this week and all three of us now need to wear glasses full time. BB3 has his already but little miss has to attend the eye hospital first due to her young age but will likely be getting her glasses within the next... Continue Reading →

I used to be!

written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 21/9/19. I used to be… I used to be gregarious In a fun-loving kind of way Nowadays I stay indoors I don’t venture out to play I’m scared of being out alone With nobody by my side Fear sets in and I want to run Back to my... Continue Reading →

Is it?

How often can we say that we love truly and wholly, without letting anything else get in the way? This has always been my favorite bible verse because of the quandary the passage creates. Yes love is all of those things but at the same time it isn't; human nature gets in the way. As... Continue Reading →

It was Him!

Written in response to #FOWC. 20/9/19. It was Him! “Oh, dear Lord! Not again!” She screams as the death cloud rises Scanning the room for the guiltiest look Their gaze locks, and there’s no surprises! “Open the window, right now!” she screams As he rises, caught and dejected “Don’t even think about blaming the dog!... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Rant

Written using the following prompts - #WotD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Tale Weaver. 19/9/19. A poetic rant. As antagonistic as is possible As argumentative as can be Inimical, hostile, combative That’s all you’ll ever see You’re a tiny ball of fury A burning pyre of rage A sorry state to be I’m sure For someone of... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Well... I took my medication at one o'clock in the afternoon yesterday and managed to spend a whole evening talking with Bear! I was tired but not to the level of narcolepsy that I have been of late and I managed to stay up till eleven. Yay! Not that that has done me... Continue Reading →

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