Dear diary. It's been a long day to say the least. Ive had a day of friendship and family and now I am totally shattered and the house is a bomb site. Today I am blessed and exhausted! Goodnight friends.

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination!!

I was gobsmacked and astonished to find out I had been nominated for this award by my new friend The Eclectic Contrarian. He has been an almost constant source of encouragement since the beginning of our friendship and I cant thank him enough for this. I highly recommend his blog and congratulate him on his... Continue Reading →

Over my back fence.

Tale Weaver – #236 – 15th August – Over the Back Fence, |Word of the day challenge & Your daily word prompt. 15/8/19. Over my back fence. Over my back fence is a house, less than forty feet away, who's occupants I have never met. My family has been in this house for the whole of... Continue Reading →

Still Life.

A photographic representation of the given theme, set by nancy merrill photography over on a Photo a week challenge. This weeks theme is still life and here is entry. I hope you like them. Tea Time. A view from above. A single bloom.

I bought Bear roses!

Is it wrong to buy your man flowers? Bear looked very embarrassed when I handed him these yesterday and didn't really know what to say. They are beautiful though and I wanted to show him that I love him, maybe next time I should buy him some chocolate instead. Hey Ho! Posted in response to... Continue Reading →

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