Dear diary. Well we made it. YHA National forest is our base for the next two nights and I must say I am impressed with the place. We booked a private room as always but this time got the bonus of a double bed and two bunks for the kids rather than the standard four... Continue Reading →

We’re going away.

I will be back on Wednesday. Bear and I are taking the BB3 & BB4 away for a few days to the National Forest. They don't know it yet but we have booked to visit Twycross Zoo on Sunday which they will be hyped about as they have never been to a zoo before, the... Continue Reading →


Being alone is awful. Nothing to stimulate the senses, no-one to break the endless silences. Nothing to do but ponder co-operation with anyone and nothing to enrich your days but radio, TV or books; no cohabiting companions to change the pace a little. Loneliness isn't just the plight of the elderly; it isn't something that... Continue Reading →

Left to rot and to ruin.

By the river bank at Paull. In response to #6WS Challenge. If youre interested in photography and would like to join in the challenge, head on over to the link page and check out everyone elses entries too. Happy Snapping. xx

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