Why Cant I Just…?

A poem for these two challenges... The Daily Spur, photo prompt - Road & Your Daily Word Prompt - Obstinate. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to head over to the links and check out everyone elses entries too. Happy reading. Why Can’t I Just… Why can’t I pick the easy route? With no... Continue Reading →

Morals, Mother & God!

Written in response to, and containing the following prompts: FPQ; Do you believe that one can be moral without believing in God or being religious, or do you believe that you must believe in God in order to have a moral compass and to live a moral life? YDWP; Delimited and The Daily Spur Photo... Continue Reading →

The aftermath.

THE DAILY SPUR. Photo Prompt - Waste. Max was deep in thought as he looked out of the window at the dreary day. After the waste of time the last job was, he was damned certain Keef wasn't going to be in charge of any more missions, that's for sure. It had taken an hour,... Continue Reading →

The race to re-take Ernabeth.

The Daily Spur Photo Prompt. 24/6/19. Today’s word is TEAR. Get the definition from dictionary.com or from the urban dictionary Today's picture, taken from The Daily Spur. Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven (archduk3) Photo provided by Unsplash The race to re-take Ernabeth.   Tears rolled down her face as she stared into the depths of the canyon;... Continue Reading →

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