Dear diary. I need to snap out of this funk I'm in, it's no good! I'm sick of feeling shitty about myself and everything about me and I'm sick of not being able to put my mind to anything. I just want to get on with stuff but I seem mired in thought and completely... Continue Reading →

A Bad Day!

Over on Fandango‚Äôs One-Word Challenge today the word of the day is Inconspicuous. I hope you like my entry. A Bad Day. I wish I could disappear Melt into a hole in the floor I wish I could shy away Not be noticed anymore I wish I were inconspicuous I wish I could disappear Hide... Continue Reading →

A note to Bear.

#WOTD challenge. 13/8/19. You knit a web and stole my heart. Wove a blanket so tight around me that I could no more escape your spell. You captivated me and made me yours. You bring me the stars from the sky and hold the world for me in your hands. You give me everything I... Continue Reading →


Your Daily Word Prompt. 13/8/19. A late start today for me as when I turned the laptop on this morning it decided to update itself! Three hours later and I can finally get online. Phew! Here's a poem for today's entry on #YDWP. Karma. I never seek revengeI never need to botherI never have to... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I dont know what's wrong with me today? I felt the fog descend at about lunchtime and I havnt been able to shake off the feelings of emptiness and doubt since. I dont even know what's wrong to have set this off, I just seem to have fallen off the edge of somewhere... Continue Reading →

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