written in response to #tale weaver. #MLMM Living life in a hazecant say how many daysor even how many ways Ive tried to sleep Life is thrown at me in bouldersmy friends grow colder shoulderedI feel im growing olderYou sow what you reap Its been so many a nightthat ive had to fightto turn off... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. So much for having a lie in over Christmas! I fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 1am, now I'm wide awake! I'll never get back to sleep at this rate and I'm gunna be knackered all day. Baby bear is bringing her little miss over today for dinner and we have... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Little man is bback to sleeping badly again. He was up by half past four this morning and is now playing Lego in his bedroom, waiting for morning to start. I feel so bad making him go back to his room but I cant seem to get it into his head that dark... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Its 3am and I'm up! These meds have got to go! They're making me more depressed by messing with my sleep patterns. I cant be awake half the night and sleeping all evening, this just isn't on! I wish I could pinpoint exactly which meds are interacting with each other to cause this... Continue Reading →

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