Dear diary. What a difference a few days rest, away from all the agro, can make to a person's mood! I actually didn't mind Bear going to work for a change this morning and I dont feel like utter crap being on my own. I even managed to have a lie in on Saturday which... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Just today and tomorrow left till bear finally finishes work for the christmas holidays and I cant wait for a proper lie in and some daytime adult company! The only upside to all the time I spend on my own is that I'm slowly learning new skills. This week I taught myself to... Continue Reading →


Dear diary My backs still buggered, I'm still having nightmares and uni is still stressing me out but I'm ok. I have to keep telling myself that! Fear has become the biggest problem in my life at the moment. Not the various things that are causing it, the fear itself is the problem and I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Sorry for the lateness of my entry. I was exhausted last night and fell asleep before even managing to write a line in here. Camping was ace as always but I didn't sleep well at all, which is unusual. I generally get a really good nights sleep under the stars but not this... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. The weather has been much like my mood all day! English Summertime! BB1 let me have MB1 for the day whilst she was out at appointments and so I've been on Gamma/Momma Bear duties all day long; and my house certainly reflects this! I have the pair of them overnight and tomorrow too... Continue Reading →

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