Mindlovemisery's Menagerie, Saturday Mix – Sound Bite. 3/8/19. Todays challenge is to create a poem of prose using onomatopoeic rhyme. The challenge words are WHACK, YELP & SPLISH. Whack went the bat, a perfect six. Yelp went the dog as he gets hit. Whoosh went the ball as it tore by. Splish went the milk.... Continue Reading →

Astronomical Ending.

#SoCS  & Word of the Day Challenge. 3/8/19. Image provided by How many of you have thought about the end? How many of you have any ideas at all about how you want your family to deal with your remains once your gone. I do; and my brood are non too happy about it,... Continue Reading →

Oh to be a pussy cat!

TRAVEL WITH INTENT 6ws challenge. 3/8/19. My baby, Sirius Black. He still sleeps like this now that hes a full grown Tom. He has to hold on so you cant go anywhere. Pets are amazing and such a comfort when my mental health is not so good, I don't know what I would do without... Continue Reading →


I've not been so good lately. The new anti-depressants make me exhausted by tea time and I'm falling asleep by eight; I don't even remember going to bed, I'm that tired. I literally feel like half my life has been taken from me because my evenings are being stolen by sleep. Bear works and doesn't... Continue Reading →

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