Dear Diary.

Its official… I’m an anomaly!

Not that I didn’t now that I wasn’t normal or anything but I’m now officially being written up as an example of when medication does what it isn’t supposed to do.

I had my medication review as planned yesterday and the outcome is that they have put me in control of what exact time I take my head med’s but what a pain getting to this point.

I spent an hour explaining to the guy exactly how my medication is making me suddenly and dangerously sleepy at almost exactly the same time each evening and he just shook his head a lot.

The medication I’m on should make me sleepy within half an hour of me taking it but what its actually doing is making me almost narcoleptic at the point the dose runs out. This is why I’ve been sleeping all evening. He surmises that I am one of a handful of people that this drug will give insomnia to if taken at night but as I take it in the morning, the opinion is that the sleepiness I’m feeling is when the drug wears off instead.

Hence them giving me control over when I take it. The hope is that I will be able to find the right time to take them that gives me the benefit I need and doesn’t make me drowsy when I need to be awake.

Yesterday I experimented with taking my med’s at lunchtime and I’m not sure if it was a fluke or not but I didn’t fall asleep until gone eleven last night, it was nice.

Here’s hoping that the future holds many more long evening chats and falling asleep in the arms of my bear rather than the kitchen chairs.


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