Who wants to live forever anyway?

Over on #WotD today the challenge word is Queen and I couldn’t let that slide by without a nod to my musical hero Freddie Mercury.

This song has always been one of my favorite tracks of all time as I grew up on a diet of the Highlander movies, courtesy of my mother and her love of sci-fi.

It’s sad to think that the song is written by a man who knew he was dying and my own thoughts wander to that of my own mortality and the exact question Freddie asks…

Who wants to live forever, anyway?

I used to think I would like to live forever. I thought that would be cool but as I age the reality of something like that sinks in and I realise that living forever would in fact be like hell on earth.

Who would want to outlive all their friends and family? Who would want to watch everyone they had ever known or loved pass before them? I could think of nothing worse than living a life where I knew I would have to say goodbye to everyone I loved, eventually.

In contrast to living forever who would want to die young?

couldn’t resist

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