Is it?

How often can we say that we love truly and wholly, without letting anything else get in the way? This has always been my favorite bible verse because of the quandary the passage creates. Yes love is all of those things but at the same time it isn't; human nature gets in the way. As... Continue Reading →

It was Him!

Written in response to #FOWC. 20/9/19. It was Him! “Oh, dear Lord! Not again!” She screams as the death cloud rises Scanning the room for the guiltiest look Their gaze locks, and there’s no surprises! “Open the window, right now!” she screams As he rises, caught and dejected “Don’t even think about blaming the dog!... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. Well I managed to stay awake again last night! I really do hope that the simple time change in my medication has solved the issues I was having and this isn't just a fluke. Its been nice seeing Bear again on an evening but it has highlighted to me just how down he... Continue Reading →

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