Written in response to #YDWP & #FOWC. 10/9/19 So today is smear test (pap smear) day! I did say it was TMI! I don't think any man can ever appreciate the things us ladies have to go through in our lifetimes. As if child birth isn't bad enough they make us have regular flue inspections... Continue Reading →

The face in the mirror.

Written in response to #WotD. 10/9/19 The face in the mirror. I miss the youthful complexion That no longer stares at me When I look into the mirror An old woman do I see Hair snow white, thin and bare Wrinkles now appearing there Body lost to wrack and ruin Old age is fast accruing... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. The weather has turned positively autumnal this week and thoughts turn to how I intend to keep the house warm this winter. I have central heating but it isn't up to much and there are no radiators in the bathroom at all; meaning it gets very cold in there when youre taking a... Continue Reading →

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