Empty shoes.

written in response to #YDWP. 3/9/19. Empty shoes Empty shoes on a shoreline Piled up one by one Each representative Of a life that was done With lost families and jobs With lost hope and the longings For something more than they had The lost pride and belongings Empty shoes on a shoreline Piled up... Continue Reading →

How Bizarre!

Written in response to #WotD. 3/9/19. So Im just sat here, happily blogging away and BAM! Out of nowhere Im being sick, and I mean properly sick. I didn't feel sick before hand and I don't feel at all ill after the event but WOW, that was intense. I haven't even eaten any breakfast or... Continue Reading →

The fight.

Written in response to #FOWC, 3/9/19. The fight. I will overcome, I will surmountI will stand up tall, I will take accountI will fight this battle till the battle is doneI wont fall or falter till this war’s been wonI will never surrender, never retreatI will never give up or admit defeatI shall never retire,... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Yesterday consisted of school uniform prep and not a lot else! I never realised just how much preparation it would take to get two children ready for big school instead of the usual one and I still need to go out today and buy the remainder of the bits they need; like winter... Continue Reading →

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