The fairy who lived in a tea-cup.

Written in response to #Tale Weaver. 5/9/19. The fairy who lived in a tea-cup. Joy was a flower fairy. She lived at the bottom of the garden in the prettiest tea-cup you have ever seen. One day as Joy was tending her garden, she noticed a pretty little girl playing on the swing attached to... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt IX.

The wraith had told them where the witch would be, and it was only a short distance before they would be within her grasp; on foot no more than a half-hour walk. Kalleb walked beside Lillee in order to instigate conversation, asking questions of the priestess’s duty and her lineage. Kalleb had studied not only... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary So yesterday was a complete whirlwind of organising, laundry, shopping and chips! My day was filled with finding and prepping all the school uniform and making sure bags and book bags were sorted ready for the 7:45 am deadline on leaving the house this morning. Its been seven weeks since I've had to... Continue Reading →

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