I need your advice.

written in response to #WotD. 8/9/19. I need your advice But it’s never heard I ask over and over But ne’r hear a word I’ve begged and I’ve pleaded Hoped and I’ve prayed No sign of an answer Ever displayed I lack patience and time I lack comfort the most And here I am talking... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Weekend apathy set in mid morning yesterday and I haven't dragged myself out of it yet. This track sort of sums up my mood... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLexgOxsZu0 And on that note I am wondering if I can put myself together a playlist for such occasions. One with some upbeat and positive tunes to pull me... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary. How do normal parents cope with the demands their older children place on them because I struggle with my eldest two like you wouldnt believe. Currently neither of the eldest two bears are speaking to me, and both for almost identical reasons. Their boyfriends! Its fair to say that I do not get... Continue Reading →

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