Satisfaction at last!

Weekly PromptsPhoto Challenge – Satisfaction

Five years ago I wasn’t just a different person on the inside, so much so that people I knew back then don’t recognize me if I see them nowadays.

I have always struggled with my weight; always been on the heavier side of the fence and always fought in every way I could to try and reduce the bulk but it never worked. I had always been incapable of keeping it off or losing anything worth noting.

First A&E visit!

Until this I got sick…

It started with being sick after every meal and progressed from there.

Within a few months I had lost the ability to keep normal food down, if I ate anything, within a few minutes it would all come back up again. Nothing solid would stay in me and so out of desperation I had some tests done and it was noted I couldn’t eat gluten, meat or animal protein or anything with a high fat content without having extreme pain and vomiting.

Then started the diet to end all diets. I lived on rice and vegetables for the next two years and watched my weight plummet.

Before I got sick I topped the scales at 21 stone (133kg or 294lb) I could barely walk and my joints were crumbling under the strain. In the first year I lost five stone but the illness didn’t improve at all, if anything it was getting worse. Twelve months of repeated emergency room visits, throwing up and not being able to eat later and the nice people at the NHS finally sent me for an abdominal scan.

By this time I was really ill and desperate. Nothing would stay in my stomach any more and even water would come back up. Once I had had the scan it became clear what the issue was. My gallbladder was twice its usual size and full of grit and stones. The sickness was being caused by the subsequent imbalance and inflammation in my digestive tract.

I waited a further six months to have the offending organ removed and I’m glad to say that I have had no further issues with my tummy anyways.

More than two years of being unable to eat has left me with alternative issues than the weight however, as a result of having to train my brain not to feel hunger I now struggle to eat at all which has resulted in further weight loss and an inability to put it back on again. I also suffer with vitamin and mineral deficiencies through prolonged starvation.

I have recently started receiving treatment for the mental health side of things and I’m terrified that I will gain weight again. I am finally satisfied with my size as it currently is… 36 – 28 – 36 and just under 11 stone (70kg or 154lb) I don’t ever want to go back.

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      1. You’re welcome! My wife struggles with weight. She dropped as low as the high 200’s before she got pregnant. And has gained it all back. Not her fault entirely, she’s very stressed.

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