The Trip.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge & FOWC with Fandango “What time we got to be at the airport Keef?” Asked Max “6:30 Max, stop panicking.” “I’m not panicking, I’m checking nothing can go wrong this time.” Max was panicking, but he wasn’t about to let Keef have the satisfaction of knowing... Continue Reading →

Satisfaction at last!

Weekly Prompts - Photo Challenge - Satisfaction Five years ago I wasn't just a different person on the inside, so much so that people I knew back then don't recognize me if I see them nowadays. I have always struggled with my weight; always been on the heavier side of the fence and always fought... Continue Reading →


P = PARANOIA. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 16/7/19 Paranoia is terrifying. I have suffered with it to varying degrees for the majority of my adult life and only recently, with my EUPD diagnosis, have I come to understand it a little better. My whole life I have just assumed that everyone thought the way... Continue Reading →

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