I just wanted to apologize to my loyal followers who may have noticed my absence on Saturday. I had an impromptu visit from this little beauty and my attention was anywhere but my blog for the day. Again I apologize and I don't. Family is everything. xx


Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 7/7/19. The skin burns raw yet I do not feel it, as the Match burns down to my finger tips. The blows to my body I no longer notice, the pain in my heart heavier than the hits. I once had a body, a mind... Continue Reading →

Shes gunna Blow!

Sunday Photo Fiction. 7/7/19. "This ones all on you Max, I aint goin t' prison over this." Shouted Keef as they ran. "Why are we doing this anyways?" "You know why, you over-sized idiot, the boss asked us to!" Panted Max as the pair shot off behind a parked car. "We're being paid a lot... Continue Reading →


LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 7/7/19 I love gardening. I love all things green and floral and I have high aspirations for my outside spaces. My health on the other hand likes indoors. It likes warm, comfortable sofas with my feet up and no bending. This provides a quandary, especially when my garden currently looks... Continue Reading →


F = FATHER. . LillBlu’s A to Z challenge 6/7/19 For the first thirteen years of my life I grew up believing my father to be a man called Dave. Mum had introduced me to him a few times when I was small, I remember him being a vague presence but never one I had... Continue Reading →

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