EUPD in 130,000 BC!

50 Word Thursday Challenge #29, Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge. Combined short story. "What are you doing Ellen?" Asked Dave. "You never sit still nowadays; what's the matter with ya?" Ellen tended to be insecure and worried. And it seemed as if in recent years she had mostly worried about losing... Continue Reading →

Purple Beauties and Shades of Pink.

Cee's Photo Challenges - Flower of the Day & A Photo a Week Challeng: Shaeds of Pink I love this time of year. My garden comes alive with pinks in hues, smells and shape. How beautiful is this purple coloured Clematis above and the pink one below? They grow huge around my front door and the... Continue Reading →


R = REMEMBER ME. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 18/7/19 Remember me when I am gone, you forgot me whilst I lived I waited for the day you'd come, I never, ever hid I longed for you to come to me and say you'd stay forever You never called upon my door, not once, even... Continue Reading →

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