The Trip.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge & FOWC with Fandango

“What time we got to be at the airport Keef?” Asked Max

“6:30 Max, stop panicking.”

“I’m not panicking, I’m checking nothing can go wrong this time.”

Max was panicking, but he wasn’t about to let Keef have the satisfaction of knowing that.

“Have you got your passport Max?” Said Keef sarcastically.

“Have you?” Replied Max back at him in an even more sarcastic tone.

Keef instantly panicked and started rummaging through his case and bags, eventually finding it in his pocket.

“What times the taxi due Keef?” Asked Max

“Max, please! Just sit down and read a book or something,” Keef snapped. “          The taxi will be here any minute; can you please stop stressing about everything. Were supposed to be going on holiday!”

“Sorry Keef but you have prior for mucking things up. I just want to check things are right myself.” Max retorted in as soft a tone as he could manage.

“You have no faith in me at all Max.”

“That’s not fair Keef, I keep letting you organise stuff, I keep trusting you and it always goes wrong.” Max replied.  “I don’t want to go to jail Keef!”

“Me either Max, me either!”

Keef sulked all the way to the airport and if it wasn’t for the overtalkative driver it would have been a very dull ride indeed.

“So, where did you get this holiday from Keef, it’s a right bargain.” Asked Max

“Dad knows a guy who sells package holidays, he got us them.” Keef replied. “Apparently there were two spare seats on the coach and the hotel is all inclusive, for the price I didn’t think we could turn it down.” He explained.

“What’s the catch Keef?” Max puzzled, there was always a catch.

“Aw come on Max that’s not fair!”

“What’s the catch Keef?” Max asked again, a little more curtly.

“Well, because it’s a package holiday we have to take part in at least one activity a day… It’s all part of the experience apparently. I thought we would just crack on with it then bail on them all, do our own thing. Its what made the price so good Max, it’s a small blip that’s all!”

“FFS Keef! Snapped Max. I suppose it’s doable, I guess. The price was really good.”

“Yeah apparently,” he started, “according to dad, the only people on our flight and coaches are the group we will be with all week, should be able to sus out the rowdy kids and steer clear of them fairly easily Max.” Said Keef hopefully.

“Were stuck with the same people all week?” Exclaimed Max! “That could be a real drag Keef, let’s hope they’re not all yobs on stag and hen weekends eh!”

“Dad said it wasn’t like that, apparently it’s a really good holiday.”

“I don’t know Keef, we don’t have a great track record of using your dad for stuff lately, do we?” Asked Max.

They pulled up outside terminal 4 and Max started to get a little excited, it had been a fair few years since he had been anywhere abroad and he was starting to imagine long days and warm sun, cold bear and hot nights.

“Planning on pulling Keef?” Max asked Keef as they were getting out of the cab.

“Hell yeah fella!” Keef almost shouted. “What’s the point in a beach holiday if you’re not after the totty Max? What about you? Are you gunna go for a try?” Asked Keef.

“I dunno about that Keef, I don’t tend to pull as easy as you do.”

“It’s the height Max.” Keef sniggered.

“Feck off Keef! We will see how it goes. Where do we need to be Keef?” He asked, now vexed.

“Dad said to look for the rep with the board for Malaga Saga, sounds like a right adventure doesn’t it Max.”

The pair scanned the lounge for a rep with a board and it was Max who spotted her first. Over by the back wall stood a pretty blonde, no more than twenty years old.

“Looking good this one eh Keef, wonder where the rest of the guests are?” smiled Max broadly on the sight of her.

“There’s a room behind her, bet they’re all in there, let’s go.” Said Keef excitedly

“Max and Keef made their way eagerly to the rep.”

“Malaga Saga?” Said Keef timidly to the beautiful young rep stood in front of him and reddened.

“That’s right gentlemen.” She said quizzically. “Can I check your boarding cards please, just need to check your in the right place.”

Max and Keef handed over their cards puzzled by the rep’s expression. She handed the cards back and ushered the pair towards the door behind her with aa chuckle. Max was the first to enter a room filled with over sixties.

“What the hell is this Keef?” Exclaimed Max loudly.

“I dunno Max, all dad said was that it was a package holiday for singles; he never said over sixty and single. I didn’t think to ask. Guess that’s what the Saga bit is all about then eh?”

“FFS Keef I can’t get you to do anything can I?”

“I’m sorry Max, but at least we know there won’t be any rowdy guests eh!” Keef replied sheepishly.

“Now then boys. How are we both doing this fine morning?” said a raspy voice form behind Keef.

Max grabbed his suitcase and headed for the chairs; leaving Keef to deal with this one on his own.

“Well you did want to pull Keef!”

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