On the Beach.

World watercolour month & Doodlewash  bring us a month of watercolour challenges. Get your brushes out and head on over to their site for full details. Heres my entry for today. It's plain and simple but I'm proud of it and am using it as the featured image in my a2z challenge. Head on over... Continue Reading →

The Forest Pt II

Word of the Day Challenge & YOUR DAILY WORD PROMPT. 3/7/19.ABJECT & DRIVE. Lillee packed her things as fast as she could. Her kit always lay ready but she still had to gather her wards and amulets; sure she was that she would need them this night, such where the stories told about the forest.... Continue Reading →


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. 3/7/19. Lines & Angles. Telephone cables at dawn. The view from my kitchen window. Hope you enjoyed today's challenge. Don't forget to follow the link word/title back to the original post and enjoy other peoples entries too. Don't forget to leave me a comment in the box; It's good to... Continue Reading →

C = Cat…Siriusly!

C = CAT. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 3/7/19 Sirius. The cat was a gift from my Lee for my birthday in 2017. He was born on valentines day and we got him eight weeks later. He is the most thoughtful gift I have ever been bought and certainly the longest lasting. When you're naming... Continue Reading →

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