The Forest Pt V

Word of the Day Challenge - ephemeral. 12/7/19. Kiyonari woke with a start but an instant flash of relief flooded her face when she looked up and saw Lillee looking down at her in her lap. It had been so long since she had seen an adult that she had forgotten just how safe they... Continue Reading →

Heather Pink.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt, July 2019 Writing Prompts - Heather pink Heather Pink was a funny little thing, Her hair was all wiry and she was very thin. Her mamma and her pappy where never there, No one around her to love her or to care. She sat by her self in the school... Continue Reading →


LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 12/7/19 I was never sheltered from death and loss as a child. I knew it happened to everyone a some point but as a child you don't really understand what that means until it happens to you; and it happened to me a lot over the years. My first experience... Continue Reading →

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