Halloween bravery.

Its Halloween again and for me, and others like me, one of the worst times of the year.
In some ways I love the celebration. I like the idea of trick or treating with the kids till gone bedtime, pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie. I love the dressing up and the fake blood. I love virtually everything about it but the one thing that stops me from enjoying it each year is… Masks! I have a full blown phobia of hidden faces, and masks are a bad one for me. Anything with a hidden face will set me off though. Mascots, clowns, motorbike helmets, Muslim women in full veil. You name it and I’m afraid of it to some degree. Even Santa makes me really uncomfortable at Christmas if the beard isn’t his own, I have to get other people to take the kids to sit on his knee, I’m too afraid.
This year I’m going to get pro-active with these fears of mine and be as brave as I can be. I’m taking the kids trick or treating after tea!
I’m hoping to hold it together long enough to let them knock up and down our little bit of the street before bringing them home to watch a film and eat their treats. I cant keep letting my fears get in the way of their enjoyment of growing up. I wont allow it
Tonight, its all for my babies. Wish me luck!

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