Halloween bravery.

Its Halloween again and for me, and others like me, one of the worst times of the year.In some ways I love the celebration. I like the idea of trick or treating with the kids till gone bedtime, pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie. I love the dressing up and the fake blood. I love virtually... Continue Reading →

Halloween – a haiku

Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #Daily Addictions & #MLMM. 31/10/19. Twelve o'clock, owls screechDon't get caught trick or treatingHome to bed, sweets eaten.


Dear diary. I've woken up with a real grumpy on this morning and I feel so down about everything. I fell asleep at seven o'clock last night so it's not like I haven't had enough sleep, too much maybe! I'm spending too much of my time trying to figure out how to pass finance that... Continue Reading →

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