Dear diary I feel awful today. Didn't sleep well last night and have already thrown my guts up this morning. Bears decided to do overtime again and so I'm stuck home with the kids, only this time I could really do with him here as I really dont feel well at all. Its gunna be... Continue Reading →


Dear diary I think I've caught the kids bug now, just spent the last 10 mins throwing my guts up and I feel ropey to say the least. I Love my baby bears very much but I do wish that they wouldn't share everything with me, iv far too much to do to be ill... Continue Reading →

Its Christmas Time!

Its Christmas time, no mistletoe nor winethe radios playing Christmas rhymewe've gas for the fire, but we have no treeit is one or the other, on benefits, you see! Its Christmas time and I shouldn't whineIm sat here playing Christmas rhymeswe'll have cash for food but we'll have no treesome things don't matter, when your... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Norovirus has hit the house again, second time in a week. This time its bb3 who's poorly. Poor mite looks like hell but at least I know it only lasts 24 hours and he will be fine again really soon. Today is going to be really interesting tho as I'm chairing a meeting... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Didn't sleep very well again last night and I dont think bear did either. I think I've tried it down to the fact that I need a new matress. Mine is all springs and worn away and definitely time to replace but I cant afford a new one right now. Maybe Santa will... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Another terrible nights sleep had by us all here in the bear cave. Bear was up a few times and so was I but the shocker is both the cubs are up and at it already too. So much for my quiet mornings contemplation eh! It's getting to the point now where bedtime... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Sorry for not writing yesterday. I didn't get up until 8am and so didn't have any time to myself to write. It's been a fairly uneventful weekend, nothing much has happened tbh except the kids and I watched the greatest showman and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a really good film and one I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. It's silly o'clock on a Saturday morning and I'm up already doing coursework! Anyone would think I'm enjoying this degree but that couldnt be further from the truth right now. I'm absolutely hating it but I'm determined not to give up. Today's nightmare involves putting a team presentation together that I'm the only... Continue Reading →


Written in response to #YDWP, #WOTD, #Daily Addictions & #MLMM. I cup my hands and pray for better days and better ways, for a fixed heart and a mended head that is better able to incorporate all life throws my way, and not have a complete meltdown. I pray all the time, even though I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Today I have to put my team leaders hat on and crack the whip at uni. Something I'm not looking forward to at all. Normally I remove myself from group situations but this time round I convinced myself to take part, thinking I'd have a background role in this group project but No!... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Only I can wake up hung over after one drink!! I wouldnt mind but it's not like I even had a proper drink either, all I had was an Irish coffee after my meal but wow, am I suffering this morning. I should know better than to drink on a school night but... Continue Reading →


Dear diary I cant believe I actually managed it, but I did! I actually made it through the assignment yesterday and managed to write over 2600 words in total. Today's mission is to make some amendments and get the word count down to its correct amount. As well as clean the house and go to... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Today's mission is... write a two thousand word essay, comparing and contrasting two telecommunications companies from different market structures. I dont even know where to start. God help me please! I wish for just one day that I could have someone cleverers brains, just till I get this essay done. Why did I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary My dreams are all themed the same way lately. I'm running away from everything and getting lost as I do. I dont know how to interpret them and it scares me. I was awake 4 times last night and each time I went back to the same theme, the same nightmare of running... Continue Reading →

Predictions would be nice!

Written in response to #WOTD, #YDWP, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions I feel like I'm sat in the lobby of my life, just waiting for my bags to be brought down; but they never come. I feel like I'm surfing on the roughest seas, constantly paddling to try and stay afloat and not drown under the... Continue Reading →


Dear diary The new sofa and armchair looks grand in my living room. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Goes to show that you dont need to buy brand new, off the showroom floor. Thrift shop purchases can be just as good as brand new and it only cost me £39 to boot! I'm a... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I've just woke up and its 8am! I never sleep till this late and its thrown me out a little. I'm so used to being up by 5am, I feel like I've lost the plot this morning and I don't know what to do first. Im three hours in arrears with everything this... Continue Reading →

I used to be…

Written in response to #WOTD & #YDWP I used to be quite loquacious when I were younger, a little too verbose some may have said but I always had something to say on any given subject. Nowadays I struggle to string two words together most days and my mind has a blankness only the heavily... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Nightmares again. I'm dreaming about exams again and failing. Why the same thing over and over? I get it already ffs. I know things are coming to an end at uni, I can feel it. I'm slipping further and further behind with it all and theres nothing I can do about it other... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Apologies for not being about yesterday, this cough and cold just won't go away. Yesterday morning was spent coughing till I'm sick and this morning is no different. I thought I'd got over the worst of it as I dont feel poorly anymore but this cough is a killer, I'm coughing till I... Continue Reading →

Rescue me.

Written in response to #WOTD & #FOWC. 12/11/19 Noses pressed on window glassHopeful eyes sadden, when you passThey all want puppies not old and sicknone of us here will do the trickyou pass us by, not cute enoughtoo big, too bold or far to roughbut you don't see whats really insideA scared little puppa, trying... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. I feel so numb today. Almost like yesterday took so much energy out of me that there is nothing left for today. Not good as I have a long day of lectures to look forward to today and theres no getting out of any of it. Theres no running away from anything, I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary. Two years ago today I was sat in a hospital room watching the last of my Lee's life slip away, knowing there wasnt a thing I could do to prevent it. No matter how much I cried, prayed, pleaded. There wasnt a thing that could save him. I look back and try to... Continue Reading →


Dear diary I think were finally starting to see the light at the end of this cold! I'm by no means better but I think I'm over the worst of it, for sure. It worries me that my immune system is so low at the moment. I'll never fight off this HPV virus if I... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Apologies for being offline yesterday, I needed a day to recharge my brain and body. I'm still here though. And I'm still full of cold. Bear and I are slowly recovering. Gladly, the baby bears havnt picked up the bug too and are their usual high octane selves. Full of it! I love... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Day five dawns but the cold I have rages on. I'm sure my immune systems fighting as hard as it can but it doesn't seem to be winning the war just yet, as my streaming nose will attest. So far the bears seem to have missed this round of the sniffles, much to... Continue Reading →

Its sad.

written in response to #WOTD, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions. Its sad, watching someone throw their life away because they cant keep themselves on an even keel with their mental health or their life in general. You keep hoping that one day they will awake and realise what a catastrophic mess they are making of everything... Continue Reading →


Dear diary My cold rages on and shows no sign of abating anytime soon. I have a fever and chills to go along with a chest that feels like it's full of soup and that's making me cough till I'm sick! My bones hurt and I have the headache from hell too. But nothing stops... Continue Reading →

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