Dear diary.

I bailed on the kids and trick or treating last night and I am utterly ashamed of myself for letting them down. I just couldnt stop panicking at the thought of bumping into someone with a mask on and so we stayed in and watched a film instead.

I’m such a bad mother for promising them something then being unable to follow it through. I hate this stupid mental health issue, it runs my life and steals away my children’s happiness. I have to make it stop!

My bears are gunna be mardy with me all day today and I can’t blame them, I’m a disappointment to say the least.

Why can’t I just be normal?


5 thoughts on “31/10/19

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    1. I wish it were that simple but we have noone else. We have no family and my mental health condition makes it really hard for me to make and keep friends. Were pretty isolated tbh. My fault not the kids but they are the ones who suffer.


      1. no, unfortunately not. They are so little still I cant let them out on their own, otherwise I would have let them go to the houses around us. Maybe in a few years when they aren’t so little anymore.


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