The Ballet

Written in response to #FOWC & #YDWP. 9/10/19 The cast danced in the lights from the stage front, magical in their unity and flow. One by one pirouetting across the floor like feathers floating on a breeze before parting to allow the eminent prima through. Her display, magnificence personified as she portrays her tale of... Continue Reading →

A poem, or two.

Written in response to #WotD & #Daily Addictions. 9/10/19. Qualms Quite aware of all my flawsUnsure of what to doAbout all of the Little thingsMe, I have no clue! Sea - A Haiku Shimmering soft sandEach grain diamonds in the roughAtopped ' mighty waves.

A trip to the hospital

Written by guest writer BB3. Hello, my name is Baby Bear 3, LillBlu1981's only son. I am 8 years old.Mum has let me write a post for her blog and I wanted to write about the operation I had a few months ago. The reason I had an operation is because I was born with... Continue Reading →


Dear diary Nightmares again! I don't know if it's the medication or the mental health issues that are causing it but it's always the same theme and always wakes me anxious and afraid. It only ever happens if I manage to sleep for more than a few hours at a time and it puzzles me... Continue Reading →

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