Written in response to #YDWP. 17/10/19 Shadow of thy former selfProwling nightly, lost inEverlasting emptinessChasing your every hourTempting, longing, emptyEmptier still and lonelyResigned to simply be aShadow of thy former self.

Silly goat.

Written in response to #FOWC & #Daily Addictions. 17/10/19. Silly goat, Billy goatHow do you float with ease?Silly goat, Billy goatHow do you climb those trees?Silly goat, Billy goatHow did you get up there?Silly goat, Billy goatYou're way up in the air!


Dear diary. For the first time I'm actually really worried I'm going to fail this module at uni. I'm being messed up by accounting and finance of all things. Bloody maths! I never realised that this course would involve so much complex math and equations, if I had I may have thought twice about attempting... Continue Reading →

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