A trip to the hospital

Written by guest writer BB3.

Hello, my name is Baby Bear 3, LillBlu1981’s only son. I am 8 years old.
Mum has let me write a post for her blog and I wanted to write about the operation I had a few months ago.

The reason I had an operation is because I was born with an umbilical hernia and another problem mum called Encopresis. The operation I had this time round was called an endoscopy and the doctors say it will help find out what is wrong with me.

On the day of the operation my mum and sister, Baby Bear 4 came with me because mum couldn’t get a baby sitter for her. It was embarrassing having to have her there because she saw me in my hospital gown and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t fair that she didn’t have to go to class to and that made me cross.

I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything before we went to hospital and my belly was rumbling so loud, all I could think about was food. It was lucky I didn’t have to wait long. My operation was at 9.30am.

We went into the room where lots of nurses and doctors were busy setting things up and I had to lay down on a big trolley. Mum stayed with me whilst a doctor put a needle in my hand where the magic cream had been. I was scared and nervous as the white stuff went into my hand. Mum says I fell asleep really fast and I don’t remember counting at all.

When I woke up I felt sick and dizzy and a bit like I lost my memory for a while. My doctor was there and she went and got Mum for me because I was scared and upset. Mum made me feel better and once I was really awake we went back on to the ward where something amazing happened! I got to meet Lewis.

Lewis was the hospitals recovery dog who goes around the wards making people feel better, its his job. After playing with Lewis for a bit it was time to go home. I was happy to go home as I got to watch TV for the rest of the day and didn’t have to do chores.

The end.

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