The Stationmaster.

Your Daily Word Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge & One-word Challenge. 11/6/19. TRUST, FAIRY & GAP.


An amalgamation for you this morning of the 3 words TRUST, FAIRY & GAP. A little fantasy to start the day. Enjoy.

The Stationmaster.

“Mind the gap please.”Shouted the station master as the doors were opened on the train.

“MIND THE GAP PLEASE!” He bellowed a second time, looking a little irate at being unheard. He shook his head and went over and sat on a bench, head in hands he watched the maelstrom depart the vessel.

The station master was an unusual fellow. Scars from age old battles lined his face and hands but he would never tell how they occured; always changing the subject when anyone dared to ask.

At nearly 8 feet tall, the old orc suffered his fair share of being misunderstood but the railway had employed him anyways; part station master, part security guard.

Even in his advanced years, he was a force to be reckoned with and the company had recognized his ability to keep the peace and keep the Fairies under control, so the job was instantly his.

Jarrah went over and sat beside the station master, removing his hat in the usual show of rank afforded the old orcs position. Shum grunted.

‘Maybe today isnt the right day to be asking this?’ Thought Jarrah as he shifted uneasily in his seat. ‘Maybe I should leave it for another day?’

Shum noticed Jarrahs unease and became curious. “What do you want Jarrah?” Shum said with a sigh. “Don’t just sit there twitching, come out with it boy!”

This irked Jarrah. “I may well only be 146 but that does not mean I’m still a boy! I passed my ascension when I were a 120. I’m a man now Shum.” Jarrah instantly regretted arguing with Shum but resigned himself to the lecture the aged orc usual gave in these situations.

Shum however wasn’t in the mood today. “Just come out with it Jarrah. What is it you want?”

Jarrah shifted in his position and nervously started. “Pplease Sir, can I have some time off at the end of the month… it’s just that… I’m getting married… and I want to take her away… on a honeymoon…!”

Shum looked down on the tiny frame sat next to him and instantly felt a pang of jealousy. “Why would you want to go do a thing like that eh?” He asked.

“Well Sir… I love her!” Jarrah mumbled.

“Same one is it? Jeena?” Shum said in a low voice.

“Yyes Sir, it is Sir.” Stammered Jarrah quizzically.

“I suppose so, if you must. But dont make it more than 4 days boy!” Growled Shum. “Now get back to work immediately!”

Jarrah scampered away from the bench with the biggest grin on his face and Shum thought to himself. ‘Stupid Human, never trust a Fairy!’

Happy Tuesday everyone, can’t wait to read all of your responses.









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